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JDS Product Lines




All JDS Technologies, Inc. mixing is done by internal mixing for high quantities and the open mill method for lower volume and colors. This provides a high quality mix as well as the ability to create any size order.


We do strip and slab rubber, have screening capability and can produce any color through our color matching lab.


Once the parameters of the compound have been defined, JDS can provide you with the formulation should you require it.



We Provide:

  • Colors available for all Elastomer
  • A certificate of quality in each batch of your order
  • Additional testing at your request
  • Traceability and repeatability from batch to batch


Internal Mixing:

  • 60” 150 HP Open Mills
  • 84” Open Mill with Blender
  • 30” Open Mill
  • 18” Strainer
  • Complete Test Lab with color matching capabilities


Internal Compounds Available:


Elastomer                             Hardness Range      Colors      Min Batch Size


NBR (Nitrile)                           20-95                         ALL          100 lbs

EPDM                                      40-95                         ALL          100 lbs

CR (Neoprene)                       30-95                         ALL          100 lbs

HP/HY/CSM (Hypalon)          40-95                         ALL          100 lbs

NR (Natural)                           30-99                         ALL          100 lbs

SBR                                          30-95                         ALL          100 lbs

HNBR                                      60-95                         ALL            25 lbs

XNBR                                       70-95                         ALL          100 lbs

AU/EU (Millable Urethane)  30-90                         ALL            50 lbs

FKM (Flourelastomer)           60-95                         ALL            25 lbs

Graphics Arts Material         20-40                         ALL          100 lbs