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History ﷯JDS Technologies, LLC was founded by Jerry and Diane Slaven as a manufacturing sales/engineering rep company in November 2003. After quickly establishing itself as a premier sales and engineering group, JDS Technologies, LLC realized the companies it represented were missing sales opportunities in the low to medium markets. All sales activities were terminated in April 2004 to re-structure the organization with a different mission. In April 2004 JDS Technologies, Inc. was established as a Tennessee corporation and initiated molding and assembly operations in a 6,500 square foot facility in Lewis Center, Ohio. JDS Technologies, Inc. acquired Paragon Custom Mixing in Carencro, Louisiana in March 2006. With the acquisition JDS gained compound mixing capabilities and a standard line of oil field rubber products. The location was closed after purchase and opened as a distribution center Today JDS Technologies, Inc. is located in Oneida, Tennessee in a 105,000 square foot facility. The Oneida location has been expanded 4 times since 2010 to accommodate the rapid growth in business activity and for future expansion needs. JDS also operates a 12,000 square foot sales/distribution center in Scott, Louisiana that services the general oil field industry with quality rubber products. Timeline