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JDS Product Lines




JDS Technologies, Inc. Engineering Department has extensive engineering experience to turn your design into a manufactured product.


Our experienced and knowledgeable Engineering Department is capable of designing the most complex parts. During the design process we can determine the most suitable and compatible material to meet all your requirements.


The opportunity to design products generally requires that we work with our customer's stage gating procedure. We are prepared to participate in these long term activities when required.



Engineering Capabilities:

  • Finalize product design
  • Prototype if required
  • Identify compatible compound, or specified compound requirements
  • Tooling design and build (generally 3-4 weeks)
    • material selection for durability
    • size and style for efficiency and precision
    • optimum number of cavities
    • inserted vs cut-in-plate cavities
  • Select process machinery
  • Develop manufacturing process
  • Specify bonding process, (for metal or plastic bonded parts) ◦degreasing procedure
    • etching procedure when required
    • grit blasting procedure



Project Development Structure:

  1. Technical analysis.
  2. Prototype development & analysis.
  3. New production part launch.
  4. Manufacturing release.
  5. Project development closure.